quality material, sourced responsibly

A Timeless Aesthetic


The highest of standards are maintained throughout Matilda’s entire process. From collecting mica to casting and setting every last stone, Matilda makes sure that each piece of jewelry is made to last. Matilda’s commitment to quality is of the utmost importance. Every piece is inspected by hand and given close attention to detail before being sent off.

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staying curious and open to new ideas, perspectives and ways of seeing things is vital as a person, as a business, and for creating designs. As a creative, curiosity is essential. Matilda notices all the small details, always listening intently from an intuitive place.

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A bit abstract, yes, but a guiding principal nonetheless. Spread love always. For Matilda, this translates into the beauty we see in design. In the minimal simplicity of how we enjoy the composition of a pair of earrings or necklace. It carries intension but gives you room to breathe.

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Personal Expression

Capturing memories and honoring connections with meaningful jewelry

Challenges are what get me into a state of flow, and flow makes life worth living, so I look forward to them.

Joshua J. Marine


born out of North Carolina, made in California, inspired by everywhere in between.

I forage mica from the Appalachian region and pair this mineral with precious metals and gemstones. Jewelry forms develop from daily rituals and an ongoing interest in the healing properties of stones. The natural iridescence of mica reflects both light and color, which I enhance through fabricating minimal sterling frames to highlight this minerals natural form and beauty


JEWELRY DESIGNER & CREATIVE MIND BEHIND THE BENCH. ===================================================== I love when people tell their story. So here’s mine.

It all started from honoring a reflective state of mind.

By the time I realized the fast fashion path wasn’t for me, I had already finished four years of college and applied to large fashion house brands. Yet here I was, thumbing through a jewelry design book a week after graduation. Still, I couldn’t deny how jewelry design had drawn me in. I felt I had found a part of myself waiting to explore the medium of metal...

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